Hot Wheels Honda Civic Si – All Stars (2008)

If you have followed us, we have so far featured the purple, blue and green color variants for Hot Wheels 2006 Honda Civic Si.

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Now, we have the metallic gold color variant of the Hot Wheels 2006 Honda Civic Si. This color was released in the Hot Wheels 2008 All Stars version. There is also another color released for the Hot Wheels 2008 All Stars version which is the metallic silver.


The Honda logo can be seen within the casting without detailed color similar to the ones we have featured previously. Through the amber tinted windows and sunroof, gold chrome interiors are visible. Vented hood and untampoed headlights is seen here too. We would love to see them detailed with colors. Hopefully Hot Wheels hears us 😉


A closer look into the interiors whereby the gold chrome makes them shine even through the amber tinted windscreen.


The dashboard and steering wheel outlines is even more magnified here.


Side view shows metallic silver and gray colored design lined with black from the front fender all the way to the rear fender. Gray ‘KONIG’ tampo can be seen close to the rear fender above the side skirt.


It has an oversize rear wing similar to the ones in Heat Fleet and First Editions. The wheels are black OH5 with gold chrome rims which is matching with the metallic gold body.


Rear quarter view from right angle. The combination of the black rear wing, detailed taillights and gray / silver / black designs on the metallic gold color made the gold rimmed Hot Wheels Honda Civic Si looks awesomely stunning from this rear angle.


The rear bumper with lower diffusers can be seen here. Silver and red taillights as well as the number plate are detailed here like the green HW 2006 Honda Civic Si released in First Editions. Red ‘Si’ and ‘Hot Wheels’ tampos can be seen at the rear license plate.


Gold chrome interiors are obvious from the rear view as well.


Details of the rear subwoofers are amazingly crafted here.


The base is black plastic and is ‘Made in Malaysia’.


Hope you have fun viewing this metallic gold 2008 All Stars version of the Hot Wheels Honda Civic Si collection.

We have so far featured three versions of the Hot Wheels Honda Civic Si. We would love to hear from you which one of these is your favorite or if you have any others you would like to share with us. Let us know in the comments below.



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  1. I love your website, it really helps bring me back in time when I was a kid. I can just imagine looking at each toy and letting my imagination just run away. I love the details you’ve shown in this particular hot wheels car. I used to love playing with our hotwheels cars when kids too, so this is awesome that you have showcased particular cars from the range. It’s really impressive that the cars are based on real cars. This car  in particular looks really cool. 

    • Thanks, Kat. Please visit us again for more coming up soon 😊

      Cheers, Rac

  2. Your review about the toy named hot wheel Honda is interesting luckily my son is with me when am reading your post and he ask it it is a toy and I answer yes, next thing he said daddy get me one, I have promised him one and when I read through the post I can’t find the link go buy so am.asking I want one for my son how can I buy it.

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