Hot Wheels Honda Civic Si – Police Pursuit 5-Pack (2015)

Anyone looking for Hot Wheels police cars, and even better, combined with a purple paint on one of Hot Wheels collectible cars? Hot Wheels had 7 releases of Police Pursuit 5-Pack whereby there is one release for each year from 2010 to 2016. One of the pack that we couldn’t resist is the one with the Hot Wheels Honda Civic Si under the Police Pursuit 5-Pack in 2015.


We had posted an article on Hot Wheels Honda Civic Si previously which you can still have a good read here: Hot Wheels 2006 Honda Civic Si (Heat Fleet and First Editions)


Now, we let’s get the Hot Wheels Honda Civic Si out of the Police Pursuit 5-Pack (2015). What we have here is the Hot Wheels 2006 Honda Civic Si casting in purple color variant. The Honda logo can be seen within the casting without detailed color. Through the clear windows and sunroof, black interiors are visible. Vented hoods and untampoed headlights is seen here too. It would be a lot nicer if they were detailed with colors.


Side view shows black flame tampos from the front fender all the way to the rear fender.


It has an oversized rear wing similar to the ones in Heat Fleet and First Editions. The wheels are black OH5 with purple chrome rims which is matching with the purple body.


Rear quarter view from right angle. Purple color looks pretty cool from the rear with the flames from this angle.


The rear bumper with lower diffusers can be seen here. The taillights and number plate is not detailed like the HW 2006 Honda Civic Si released in First Editions.


The base is black plastic and is ‘Made in Thailand’.


If you have noticed, this purple HW Honda Civic Si in Police Pursuit 5-Pack (2015) is made in Thailand but the Hot Wheels 2006 Honda Civic Si (Heat Fleet and First Editions) are made in Malaysia. Two countries in production of HW Honda Civic Si which we have covered so far. Cool, huh?


Gotta get this Hot Wheels Police Pursuit car on a hot pursuit now… See you around!


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  1. Hi! I love the purple color this Hot Wheels car has. And the black flame tampos on the side are super cool! But what I like the most is the attention they have paid to showing Honda logo within the casting. It’s a real pity they didn’t detailed the logo with a different color.

    I also love the black OH5 wheels with purple chrome rims! Awesome!

    • Hi, Henry. You can check out our Hot Wheels section for more cool varieties if you love Hot Wheels 😊

      Cheers, Rac

  2. These are some very beautiful collectibles and the attention to details really gets a thumbs up!

    The Hot Wheels Honda Civic Si – Police Pursuit 5-Pack is something i would like to have but in a differnt colour as i am not much for purple.

    Are there other colors available? and how much do they go for?

    • Hi, affiliate_ghost. Unfortunately, only purple came out for this particular Honda model under this series. We can’t seem to find anyone selling this purple Hot Wheels Honda Civic Si for now.

      Cheers, Rac

  3. I got to admit Hondas are one of my favourite cars, and this toy car  certainly hits the mark. I must say the colour is really outstanding but to me, it does not look like a police car I have ever seen. I could not imagine it  in a real life pursuit. It is most certainly be of interest of people who collect police cars. What are the dimensions of the toy car.

    Thank You


    • Hi, Antonio. I agree that the purple colour is attractive although it does not look like a real life police pursuit car. Its scale is 1:64 and dimensions are: length 7cm, width 3cm and height approximately 2.3cm.

      Cheers, Rac

  4. Collecting Hot Wheel model cars looks like really serious business. Since I am not a collector I assume these are all die cast? Are the lengths about 2-3 inches? Years ago while in Italy, I saw these red Ferraris in die cast about 8″ long. They were so realistic and cost $30. I bought one and still have it. That was the extent of my toy car collection. 

    Purple is an unusual color for any car. I think if more detail was added in the Civic, it would have looked more interesting.

    Sounds like you are a collector. If so, how many do you have in your collection? Do you also trade them like in Baseball Cards? I imagine there must be a die cast model car for every real production car around. 

    The only thing better than a Toy Collectibles Paradise is a collectable real car collection. Like the one Jay Leno has, I live not far from a car museum and it is fun to visit. All the best. 

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