Hot Wheels Honda Monkey Z50

While shopping with my son, we saw this Hot Wheels Honda Monkey Z50. He wanted it very much and it captivated me as well as I noticed some difference in this bike compared to conventional bikes. I never knew its existence. My hubby explained to me that it only sits one person. He said I should get one as it suits me and I will look like a Monkey when I ride on it….Haha…Naughty…But really, that is how it has got its name 🙂

I was curious….A lot of you may know this bike already as it was released in 2016 but I am still happy to share with you what I find.


HW Honda Monkey Z50 in its Packaging (Front and Back of Package)


I found there is another different packaging in this YouTube video: Honda Monkey Z50 – Hot Wheels 2016 New Model.

At the back of the package shown in the video, there is a description that it was born in 1961, birthplace in Japan and its designer is Honda. The pack also states its specialty as “With its iconic vintage styling and nifty compact size, the Honda Monkey is the perfect ride to take you through the busy urban jungle; not to mention, it doesn’t ape around when it comes to street cred!”. It is really cool they have these descriptions on the packaging. My package doesn’t have this. You may want to check yours too if you have them.

Screenshot of the back package (Source: Honda Monkey Z50 – Hot Wheels 2016 New Model)


Angle view of the HW Honda Monkey Z50 in its package


Side view of the HW Honda Monkey Z50 (in its package)


Side view of the HW Honda Monkey Z50


Rear view of the HW Honda Monkey Z50


Angle rear view of the HW Honda Monkey Z50


Aerial View of the HW Honda Monkey Z50


Real Life Version of Honda Monkey Z50 (Source: Honda Monkey Z50 – Hot Wheels 2016 New Model)


The Hot Wheels Honda Monkey Z50 seems to be the 1980 real life version of Honda Monkey Z50. As can be seen in above picture of the real life version, the Hot Wheels version is not to scale with the real life version. The wheels have also been modified from the real life version. I can still say Hot Wheels has done a pretty good job as the similarity is still pretty close to the real life version.

After getting this mini Honda Monkey Z50 to play with, my little one has already asked when I can get a real one for him to ride on. Definitely he has to wait till he reaches legal age to ride on it. Even when he reaches the legal age, there will no longer be new production of Honda Monkey Z50 by then as the production has stopped since August 2017 (Source: End of Production for the Honda Monkey) .

Here I am, pretty happy to collect this as our collectible items at home. Some of you may be a proud owner of it too, either real or HW version 🙂


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  1. Hi there,
    What a wonderful find. I’m always amazed at how realistic Hot Wheels are.
    I can’t say as I’ve ever heard of the Honda Monkey Z50, but my husband and I do enjoy our Honda Goldwing, haha.
    Now you said you found this shopping? Was it in a regular store or in a collectible’s or antique store?
    You must have quite the collection!

    • Hi, Suzanne. We were lucky to find one at a local Toys R Us store. Collectors usually grab those fast selling models fast. You can get one for your husband as a gift 😉

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