Hot Wheels Honda S2000 – 2013 3-Pack Exclusive

For any Honda S2000 lovers, we are taking out the Hot Wheels Honda S2000 from the 2013 3-Pack Exclusive for a ride.


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There were three Hot Wheels Honda S2000 released in 2013. We had already featured two of them with the ‘Evasive’ decos. Today, we will share with you the metalflake orange Hot Wheels Honda S2000 from the 2013 3-Pack Exclusive series.


The detailed headlights, Honda emblem and lower bumper splitter accentuates the front look of the car. Windscreens are tinted black.


The interior is black, which complements the bright metalflake orange color. No decos on the front vented hood.


Side views have no decos as well similar to the Hot Wheels 2018 Honda 70th Anniversary Series – Honda S2000 (Red). Rims are white PR5.


Rear view shows the aggressive rear spoiler and rear lower diffuser with twin exhaust outlets. Similar to the front, there are also tampo of Honda emblem and detailed tail lights at the rear.


A roll cage is visible from the rear hardtop window.


An even closer view of the roll cage through the tinted rear windscreen!


Rear quarter view reflects the aeodynamic design of hardtop for high speed racing.


Bottom base is made of plastic in black color. Front engine sump, diff, axles, linkages and twin mufflers can be seen here. It is “Made in Malaysia”.


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  1. Great article.  I love the Hot Wheels Honda S2000 close up pics.  I can imagine these are now collectable items. Are these available for purchase?  If so how much do they cost?  I especially like the rear quarter view image.  I am based in the United Kingdom?  Do you ship to the UK and how much would it cost?

  2. Hello Rac, thank you so much for sharing this article. I am a big fan of Honda since my childhood and now my kid is too. My son even wants one real Honda which is crazy. We have nearly all models of Honda in one box and it is really great to remember those old times where this car was so popular.

    • Hi, Daniel. Glad to know you are a big fan of Hondas. Hotwheels will release the Honda Civic EG Hatchback soon. Hope you will continue to hunt for more including those rare factory custom series.

      Cheers, Rac

  3. To be honest with you, I had no idea that Hot Wheels had become a collectable item – my five year old son has hundreds of them scattered all over the house (and man does it hurt when you step on one barefoot!). 

    How old do they have to be to be considered collectable? 

    I only ask as I see you have a Fast & Furious model covered here and that can’t be that old?

    • Hi, Chris. A collectible item does not necessary has to be an old model. There are a few factors which relate to how certain models can become collectibles such as limited production (factory limited to certain quantities), hard to find (certain models are exclusively available for certain countries only) and detailing (the more precise detailing will definitely worth more). Most of the valuable Hotwheels models are the ones similar to the real road going cars or the ones in the movies. Enjoy your collection! Cheers!

  4. The Honda S2000 is so easy on the eyes. I love the simple one orange color outlook that smells sophistication. The headlights are indeed an eye-catcher, you wouldn’t expect a toy manufacturer to put such a keen detail.

    I love how the double exhaust adds to the sophistication. Totally giving the Honda an expensive look! The Honda is quite captivating that even an adult will want a ride.

    Thank you for taking your time to give this review.

    • Hi, Carol5162. The S2000 is indeed a great sports convertible but sadly Honda has discontinued it.

      Cheers, Rac

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