Hot Wheels Honda S2000 – Walmart Exclusive 2018 Fast & Furious

Back in July last year, we had mentioned in our Hot Wheels Honda S2000 – 2017 Fast & Furious article that we are featuring in our upcoming post the 2Fast 2Furious Suki pink version. Even better, this version is Walmart Exclusive which was released in 2018. Check it out!

Before we get anymore distracted, let’s check out the details of this 1:64 scale Suki pink version of the Hot Wheels S2000. The detailed headlights, Honda emblem and lower bumper splitter makes a nice combination with the color and front look of the car. Windscreen and windows are tinted black.


The gray interior works well with the outlook of pink color. There are no decos on the front vented hood which would have been nice if there is one similar to the white graphics on the hood of the real Suki 2Fast 2Furious car.


The vibrant pink itself makes a bold statement of the car. With the white design graphics on the sides similar to the Suki 2Fast 2 Furious real life version of the car, it makes the car stand out even more and it will not get unnoticed. Wheels are Y5 chromes.


Close-up view of the side graphics tampo.


Front quarter view.


Rear quarter view reflects the aeodynamic design of hardtop for high speed racing.


Rear view shows the aggressive rear spoiler and rear lower diffuser with twin exhaust outlets. There is no tampo of Honda emblem except the emblem is outlined by the casting. It would be nice to have detailed tail lights at the rear.


A roll cage is visible from the rear hardtop window.


Bottom base is made of plastic in black color. Front engine sump, diff, axles, linkages and twin mufflers can be seen here. It is “Made in Thailand”.


For comparison with the real car, you can watch this cool video of 2 Fast 2 Furious Behind The Scenes – Pink Car (2003) – Paul Walker Movie HD:


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Please let us know in the comments below what you think of the model poses with the car or how close is the Hot Wheels to the real life Suki version car. We would love to hear from you.


Hope you have a great time! Cheers!


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  1. Yo! Looks so much alike honestly. I like this Honda model. Those loses are top notch. This hot wheels looks really good and I like the pink colour with the blazing fire on the body of the car. My sister Isa car freak and I’m sure she’ll like this Honda model. Really nice post here.

  2. This hot wheels is a must get for my son. Oh my God! What more can I possibly say concerning this Honda s2000 fast and furious. Though I have never gotten Amy from the fast and furious modelled cars but then, this particular one has won me over with the colour and the elegance of the car. They have taken considerable time to pay special attention to the structure and the body designs. That is simply great and I would be very willing to give a trial to this hotwheels by adding it to my son’s hot wheels collection.

    • Hi, Mattias. Your son will surely love this collection even more if he’s into the movie as well.

      Cheers, Rac

  3. Hello there I must say I’m pretty impressed with the set of cars I have been coming across here in recent times. I love the fact that the car is very small kinda sporty and I love it. The black glass is really cool which have been something that I always look for in every car I come across. Lastly the clone of that of Paul Walker again, men!!  This is just too good. Thanks for sharing.

    • You’re most welcome, Dane. If you love the Fast and Furious series, you can check out our previous article on the Hot Wheels Honda S2000 – 2017 Fast & Furious.

      Cheers, Rac

  4. This is a great review of Suki’s S2000! I didn’t know Hot Wheels have this. I’m excited to see the other cars from Fast and the Furious. It’s very detailed and including the graphics on the side. I love the way the headlight was made. Anyway, thanks again for sharing. Please share the link of other Fast and the Furious hot wheels.

  5. This is really nice. This color happen to be my favorite color since I was girl and seeing it on this car just makes me smile. I love the small nature of this car because I’m not a fan of big cars. I love the wheels of the cars as well and the idea of putting that model there makes it all perfect. A nice rice this is. Nice being here.

  6. I love your passion for these hot wheel cars. It was definitely worth watching the video to see how close to the original the model hot wheel car was made. With a Fast and Furious pedigree this model car needs to be taken seriously. 

    I was working within walking distance to Rye Canyon Road on the day Pail Walker was in that fatal accident, so I feel a special connection with this Franchise. Considering the performance, the price for the original seemed very reasonable. What does it cost to buy these hot wheel models?

    It was enjoyable going through this post.


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