Hot Wheels Honda S2000 – 2017 Fast & Furious

Released in 2017, the HW Fast & Furious S2000 comes in black exterior and red interior. The earlier 2016 released version was the 2Fast 2Furious Suki pink version (to be featured here in our upcoming post).


The front has tampo Honda emblem and detailed headlights.


The front vented hood has tampo ninja stars on it. Some refers the ninja stars the yellow snowflakes due to the resemblances. Red interior is a nice contrast to the exterior color.


The sides have tampo ‘S2000’ logo on the front fenders, ninja stars and Yokohama logo. Wheels are 10SP chromes.


No tampo taillights or emblem at the back.


Nice see through red interior from the rear hardtop window.


The rear diffusers and rear mufflers show the aggressiveness of the machine.


Base is black plastic and Made in Thailand.


This S2000 is one of the eight cars under the 2017 Hot Wheels Fas & Furious series. Collect them all especially for Fast & Furious collectors!


Video of Hot Wheels Honda S2000 (2017 Walmart Exclusive Fast & Furious Set):

Source: Julian’s HW


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  1. Thanks for the comprehensive review. I really appreciate the detailed pics!
    The level of detail down to the red interior that can be seen through the rear window is impressive.

    I’m looking forward to the 2016 Suki Pink review.

    Might you have any insight or reviews on display cases for Hot Wheels collectors?

    Thanks again!

    • Hi Scott, we hope to feature S2000 Suki Pink and other editions soon. We do not have the storage reviews yet.

      Cheers, Rac

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