Hot Wheels Honda S2000 – 2017 Multipack Exclusive

Released in 2017, the HW Multipack Exclusive S2000 comes in metalflake aqua exterior and white interior.


The front has tampo Honda emblem and detailed headlights. The lower bumper bodykit accentuates the smiley face of the car together with the beautiful “eyes” from the headlights.


White interior is a nice contrast to the exterior color. The black stripes makes the car looks even more classy.


The sides have tampo ‘Hot Wheels’ logo with matching stripes of yellow, white and black decos. Wheels are 10SP gold chromes.


No tampo taillights or emblem at the back. Visible here is the rear spoiler and rear lower diffuser with twin exhaust outlets.


Nice see through white interior from the rear hardtop window. Tampo black rear spoiler center piece makes the car looks sporty and cool.


Stunning rear view with the rear diffusers and rear mufflers show the aggressiveness and aerodynamics of the machine for super fast speed.


Base is black plastic and ‘Made in Malaysia’. Front engine sump, diff, axles, linkages and twin mufflers can be seen here.


Among the Hot Wheels S2000 produced by Hot Wheels, the metalflake aqua with the gold chrome wheels is among the coolest ever produced. Anyone who drives it on the road would feel as cool as the color speaks for itself.


Video of Honda S2000 Hot Wheels Review:

Source: Drifter D2


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  1. I liked that Honda, yes. The colors are great.  It is wonderful and spectacular see a car like this. How is it possible to build a small car like that with plenty of details to look as a big one? Really amazing to collect them. You collect a specific brand, Honda, don’t you like any other brand? Love your collection 🚗

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