Hot Wheels Nissan Skyline – GTR (R32) 2016 Version

The R32 Skyline GT-R (nicknamed Godzilla) dominated the Group A Class Racing in the 1990s in particular the Japanese and Australian Touring Car Championships. Because of its dominance, it was excluded from the Australian Touring Car Championship series in 1993 due to regulatory changes to make the series more competitive to other makes.

This yellow Hot Wheels Nissan Skyline GTR (R32) was released in 2016 under the Night Burnerz 5-multipack series.

The front is un-tampo. It has left headlight duct to feed cooler air for the intakes which are placed right behind the left headlight area. The front aggressive bumper styling has a big center opening and twin air ducts to feed air for the center mount intercooler. The side bumper ducts channel air to the engine oil and transmission coolers.


Beneath the center mount hood vents with safety hood pins hide the monstrous inline six twin turbos RB26DETT motor. The windscreen and windows are black tinted. There is no detailed tampo of the headlights.


It has a wide bodykit with big wheel arches matched to wider front and rear bumpers. Wheels are gray PR5 from Hot Wheels.


Black tampo graphics of faux sponsors’ logos and black/white stripes decorate the sides of this Hot Wheels Skyline. There is a black Hot Wheels tampo too.


Front quarter view.


Rear quarter view.


This is the first Hot Wheels Skyline with metal rear spoiler casting. Tampos of distinctive four round taillights, small rear reverse and fog lamp, and ‘Nissan’ and ‘GTR’ badges adorn the rear of the car which is totally neat. The ‘Skyline’ tampo fills up the license plate space perfectly.


The tampos made the rear look real cool from this aerial view. Tinted windows seems totally black from here.


The base is made of plastic in black color. Visible here is the outline of the ATTESA E-TS AWD system. This Hot Wheels is “Made in Thailand”.

Hope you have a fun time with this Hot Wheels Nissan Skyline GTR (R32)!


Video of 2016 Hot Wheels Night Burnerz 5 pack with Nissan Skyline GT-R R32 review:

Source: Oz DieCasts


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  1. OMG! Must  hot wheels always make irresistible to my pocket products that I must surely buy? I really like this hot wheels Nissan skyline gtr r32 2016. It is so awesome and needless I say that the attention they paid to the information on this is top notch. I like the feel and the color blend too. It feels so awesome and cool. I’d definitely give it a go when next I visit a store or better still, order it online.

    • Hi, Shelley. You would be lucky if you can get them in store. Even online, it’s very rare as it came from a Hot Wheels multipack.

      Cheers, Rac

  2. Looks very sleek and hard to tell that it’s not the real thing. I really like that there are many colours, that’s what i see in the video though. I like the design made on the cars rare and the spoilers too. This hot wheel nissan skyline GTR(R32) is a real go to. You call this the 2016, does that mean that there is another version?

    • Hi, John. Hot Wheels had released various versions from this same casting from 2002 to 2011. It stopped for a while and made a comeback in 2016. Then, it stopped from 2017 until now. We shall see when they release the next one.

      Cheers, Rac

  3. And here we go again, hot wheels are back at it with this great car remodeled to another beauty of hot wheels. By now, my kid would be beaming with joy when he hears that I’m about to buy this Nissan skyline gtr r32 2016. To be honest, I just couldn’t check it out enough and I’m sure this would be one of the best that one can get around. Thumbs up

  4. Hello Rac, thanks for sharing this nice post once again. I have to say I’m really impressed with the way these cars are made. Starting from the tinted mirror, I’m a big fan of it. Also that  size of the car is nice, unlike some other big cars, small cars are my favorites.

  5. My sister is definitely going to like this one. She has always been a lover of beautiful cars like this and she has a collection that i believe the nissan skyline is not part of. I really enjoyed reading your review on this beauty. I will go for it and see how my sister likes it as she has taken to cars now. Good one!

  6. Thanks for giving a full article description of this beautiful toy. My little son once saw this car in TV and since then have been wanting to own one. It is not only beautiful but each part is carefully made to last Long and stand strong. The fact that the  front aggressive bumper styling has a big center opening and twin air ducts to feed air for the center mount intercooler is just super amazing and creative. I would live to buy this hit wheels Nissan Skyline for my son.

  7. I’ll admit I’m not very knowledgeable on Hot Wheels but this would be the perfect gift for my husband. Currently he is in the process of purchasing a car that he has wanted for many years; the R32. I think getting him a gift like this will get him really psyched about his new car purchase until it’s in our garage. I know he’ll love it, he’s still a big kid at heart. Do you know where to purchase one?

  8. Hi Rac,

    I absolutely loved Hotwheels as a child; and I’ve been looking for something that me and my younger brother (He’s 10) can get in to together, something like this could be ideal. As it turns out a family friend actually has a Nissan Skyline but an older model. This would probably be a great place to start as it will be relatable car model for him. Do these sorts of models go up in value or good to play with, trying to work out if we should go in to “collector” or “toy mode” on this.

    • Hi, Nate Stone. The value will go up if it is in very good condition especially if it is still unopened from its packaging.

      Cheers, Rac

  9. The black graphic on Hot Wheels Nissan Skyline complements the yellow color very well. The bumper style looks great with the real opening that lets in air. I love how the rear appears raised and wide body. This gives the impression of a very huge car with sophisticated detail. The round taillights speaks volume in the design.The base is so well done, fully detailed even if it’s been done in plastic. I get why adults would love this Hot Wheels Skyline. Thank you for this great review. Brings out the youthfulness in every adult. Great article!

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