Hot Wheels S2000 – 2013 Evasion Motorsports Red Edition

This red Evasive Motorsports Honda S2000 was released in 2013 under the Nightburnerz Series.


It has tampo Honda emblem on the front nose with a nice lower bumper bodykit.


Top front view. Aggressive ventilated front hood with tampo Evasive Motorsports, AEM and TEIN decos.


Side view. Tampo Evasive Motorsports, AEM, TEIN and No. 35 decos. Rims are 10SPs; white for fronts and yellow for rears.


Rear view. No tampo detailed Honda emblem or tail lights here. What a pity. But it has aggressive rear spoiler and rear lower diffuser with twin exhaust outlets.


Top rear view. Tampo black rear spoiler center piece. There is a roll cage visible from the rear window.


Stunning rear quarter view. The hardtop helps aerodynamically in high speed racing.


Bottom base is made of plastic in black color. Front engine sump, diff, axles, linkages and twin mufflers can be seen here.


Evasive Motorsports was established in 2002 and based in Southern California. It is a renowned import automotive performance workshop for street and race prep machines.

Stay tuned for our next Evasive S2000 Blue edition to be featured here soon.


  1. Hi Rac
    Thank you for this great and informative article.
    The photos within this post have been well taken too and it is great that we can see the model car from the top, in front, from the back, from the sides and underneath too.
    I like the variety of wheel colors of white for the front wheels and yellow for the back wheels. I am impressed with the care that has been taken to make this model including the paintwork.
    As you say, the hardtop helps aerodynamically in high speed racing, with a real car of this design and features, what speed would this car be able to reach?
    Best wishes!

    Delroy M

    • Hi, Delroy.

      Modded S2000 can hit over 200mph. We will be featuring more versions of HW S2000 soon.

      Cheers, Rac

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