Hot Wheels Tom & Jerry – WalMart Exclusive Toys

Hot Wheels Tom & Jerry is WalMart exclusive toys. It was released in 2015 and sold only at WalMart. There were six (6) casting varieties produced within the Hot Wheels Tom & Jerry series. They are Cockney Cab II, Power Pipes, The Gov’ner, HW Pursuit, Avant Garde and Ryura LX.

We would love to share here the Gov’ner in the Hot Wheels (HW) Tom & Jerry series in detail.

Here is the front view of ‘The Gov’ner’ under the Hot Wheels Tom & Jerry series. There is an unpainted metal plate (in the middle of the hood’s front) which is joined to the base of the casting.


The body of the diecast is made of plastic in red color. The front and rear windscreens, and side windows are all made of plastics as well. They are yellow color which makes a nice contrast with the red. Black stripes runs across the middle of the car from the hood to the rear. ‘Tom and Jerry’ word art decorates the hood in a simple and nice manner.


The side views show the tampos of the characters Tom and Jerry and their names spelled in between both of them. Look at their happy and mischievous faces 🙂 Hot Wheels tampo can be seen on the rear end of right side view. The wheels are OH5SP, black with yellow rims. They are not real rider wheels.


Front quarter views from left and right angles.


Rear quarter views from right and left angles.


Rear view with two ‘exhaust pipes’ (at least that’s what I imagine) and unpainted metal in the middle of the hole of the ‘exhaust pipes’.


Top view from rear to the front.


The base is unpainted metal instead of plastic. It is “Made in Malaysia”.


After some showing off, Tom & Jerry is now ready for a race with ‘The Gov’ner’. Here we go!


For some more fun, you may catch a funny video below of Tom’s race in a Unicycle Car. Enjoy!



  1. Nice review there on Hot Wheels Tom & Jerry toy car, what can I say than each and every part of this toy car is amazing one way or the other with the red colour which is one of my favorite colour when it come to you car or a real car I use. Looking at the wheel also it the kind of wheel I look for in toy cars

    • Thanks for visiting us again, Ajibola40. Nice to hear from you again too.

      Cheers, Rac

  2. Hi Rac, 

    I’ve only came across Cockney Cab II and  Power Pipes when I was searching for a good toy online to get for my little niece at home. She fell in love with the toy and has been asking me for a new one. I guess, I’ve seen a new toy that she can add to her collection. 



  3. I can believe that anyone who grew up with a childhood would know who’s Tom and Jerry. I am actually quite surprised that they created Hot Wheels toys for them, I am also surprised that it is recent, normally they have a new special or something when companies engage in something like this. I remember them making a reboot of the series for a little while, is that still ongoing? Are these still in rotation or are they collectors items now? 

    • Hi, Sebastian McCall. This Hot Wheels Tom and Jerry is a collectible item.

      Cheers, Rac

  4. Thanks for this informative post, I love the fact that you keep bringing lots of toys collectables for people like me when buying toys for my kids, I always visit your website for a clue and you have brought me something the would really like as they are both fans of the famous Tom and Jerry cartoon. Thanks for saving me once again.

  5. The Tom and Jerry cartoon made a big impact on me in my childhood. I hold many beautiful memories of laughing in front of the television with my siblings. 

    Tom and Jerry cartoon always has something up their sleeves to both teach and tickle kids. 

    Now that I have my own kids I’m trying to make the cartoon a part of their lives too. What better way to do that than bring the cartoon to life, through gifting them with this marvelous toy, Hot Wheels Tom & Jerry – WalMart Exclusive Toys?

    I bet, they’d love it to the sky and back!

  6. I really love this exclusive toys and actually this is the first time I’m seeing Tom Jerry toys . It will really be a great surprise for my sons if I get them this exclusive toys and I’m sure they will be very happy to have it because this is not common, it’s features are totally different from the toys I know and of that I have been seeing. 

    • Lok Which, you wouldn’t want to miss the complete set of six of the Hot Wheels Tom and Jerry 😉

  7. Love the close up pic’s of the cars, I’ve been looking for these for quite some time but can’t seem to find them over here in England. Do you know where i can find them over here? are they still available at Walmart?  

    Do you have any other pics of the other models? I would like to see close ups of those too!

  8. Nice one Rac. I was a fan of Tom and Terry cartoon when I was young, and I have passed this to the kids. I can assure you my kids would love this. The design of the Gov’ner variety looks great,  solid and well grounded on the floor. I admire the red and yellow color of the body parts. It is only available at WalMark, you made none mention of the price. I would check at WalMart if I can get one for my little girl

  9. Hello, I’m glad I came across this article because my nephews love the cartoon character Tom and Jerry so much that you can get them to do whatever you want them to do once you promise to play the movie for them. I’m sure they will love this hot wheels Tom and Jerry. I’m definitely getting one for them. Thanks

    • Seyi, seems like your nephews are fans of Tom and Jerry. This Hot Wheels Tom and Jerry will surely win their hearts.

      Cheers, Rac

  10. Hi there

    This is a really beautiful post. I have been hearing about Walmart exclusive toys for the past years now. These are really beautiful toys that my little kid sister will love to have. This Tom and Jerry hot wheel toy is super beautiful with a lovely body and screen. 

    • Kehinde, your kid sister will love it especially if she loves Tom and Jerry 😄

  11. I will like say that this post on ”Hot Wheels Tom & Jerry – WalMart Exclusive Toys” is a great one. I really appreciate the Rear quarter views from right and left angles and from the back, it seems it has two exhaust pipes.

    I have been searching for a toy to by for my niece when I get to portharcourt, Nigeria. And your post has given me a sense of direction. So, am going to bookmark this page for future use….. Thanks 

    • Thanks, Barrywesley. Please do visit our site again for more updates.

      Cheers, Rac

  12. Hello Rac, This Hot Wheels Tom & Jerry Toys is amazing and the pictures is just stunning! What an interesting review on this toy. I can remember then,  It was released in 2015 and sold only at WalMart. There were six (6) casting varieties produced within the Hot Wheels Tom & Jerry series. They are Cockney Cab II, Power Pipes, The Gov’ner, HW Pursuit, Avant Garde and Ryura LX. With great amazing features. I was privileged to bought one for one of my cousin at his 2 years birthday then. The side views which show the tampos of the characters Tom and Jerry and their names spelled in between both of them is a attractive feature for the children. This is a great toy of its time. Great review.

  13. This is an amazing toy car, created with all the features of a real car. I personally like the way “Tom and Jerry” are written on it. They are definitely going to make a great toy. The video at the end is cool too, this made me remember those days when Jom and Terry was my favorite TV show. HAHAHAH 

  14. Superb toy car, one of the best I have ever seen. I just showed the picture to my kids and they already love it and can’t wait for us to get it. We like to place our hands on any toy and try them. We love the design of the toy and the fact that it comes with the Tom and Jerry character makes us want it more.

  15. Wow! So great this article, this indeed has reminded me of those days when I was still a kid , this series was and will forever be the best animation series I’ve love so much. Thanks so much for sharing the technology behind the Gov’ner in the hot wheel(HW) Tom & Jerry series. It’s indeed educating and informative. Thanks one more time for this great post.

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