Inno 64 – Honda Civic Type-R FD2 (Customized)

Three weeks ago, we had featured the Inno 64 Honda Civic Type R FD2 (Singapore Exclusive) which was released in January 2019. The details are amazing. We decided to share the September 2018 release of the Inno 64 Honda Civic Type R FD2’s White with Carbon Bonnet and Roof Top Hong Kong Special Model this time. Double the excitement and fun, this model is customized with Toys Madness Enterprise and DRIVE M7 Energy Drink.


Toys Madness Enterprise is a place where you can get Inno, Tarmac, Mini GT, TOMICA, Hot Wheels, Legos and so much more. You can check out their website for any interesting collectibles!


DRIVE M7 Energy Drink is an energy drink in a cool can which you can drink, collect and display with your car models. The logo “DRIVE” which sits beside the collection makes the whole thing feel even more alive 😉 You may see them in some car shows too.


Now, come join us and get closer to the model 🙂


The front has a distinct red Honda emblem which was also present on the Singapore Exclusive model. One of the noticeable difference with the Singapore Exclusive model is the customized number plate which displays “INNO” logo for this model but “CIVIC TYPE-R” for the latter.


Side view with a huge display of DRIVE M7 Energy Drink logo on the doors and a mini display of the Monster icon of TOYS MADNESS ENTERPRISE at the rear.


Rear quarter view.


A closer view of front INNO plate, red Honda emblem, carbon fiber bonnet and roof over here. “Advan” sticker make headlines on the front top windscreen. Note that this sticker is customized. Nice pair of front wipers is evident below the windscreen.


Rear INNO plate, red Honda emblem and ‘Civic’ and ‘Type R’ badges is seen at the back of the model similar to Singapore Exclusive model. Custom sticker “POLYPHONY DIGITAL” makes a bold statement on the rear windscreen. The rear feature is enhanced with a nice combination of carbon fiber centered rear spoiler and Depo Style Type R taillights. Same as road-going car Type R FD2!


Nice digital display meter cluster is visible through the clear windows.


Notice the jutting out chrome rear muffler. Cool huh? The nice rear light combinations are even more apparent here.


Hidden behind the front Volk Racing Rays ENGINEERING TE37 matte bronze rims is a pair of red BREMBO 4-pot brake calipers and shining rotors. The 5-lug on the rim can also be seen here.


Hidden behind the rear rims are red 2-pot brake calipers and shining rotors. Say ‘Hi’ to the Monster of TOYS MADNESS ENTERPRISE 🙂


The model is now disassembled for a clearer view of the interior. Nice pair of front RECARO semi bucket seats. The center seats and door panel inserts come with red upholstery.


The nice center consoles sits perfectly in between the seats. Obvious here are the front seats embossed with TYPE R. Super cool it is so real!


Have fun with more details here with the complete dashboard, steering wheel, gear shifter and red floor carpets. An amazingly detailed touch to the interior by Inno 64. What do you think?


Have you tried the DRIVE M7 Energy Drink? Here is how it measures to the size of the 1:64 scale Inno 64 Honda Civic Type R FD2. Now, let’s get some M7 energy drink and go for a supercharged DRIVE with Monster Toys Madness 😉


Hope you have enjoyed this article as much as we do. Let us know what you think of this customized model with Toys Madness Enterprise and DRIVE M7 Energy Drink in the comments below.


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  1. The Honda Civic no matter real life size or toy collectible is always awesome. This car collectable by Inno is so finely detailed it is totally rad! I have been avidly collecting Hot Wheels for the past 30 years. Now after running across your Inno 64 – Honda Civic Type-R FD2 review I am seriously going to be looking into Inno. Thanks dude

    • Hi, Cathy. Inno is a new brand in the market. It is an exact scale model for collectors and not suitable for children under 14 years old as it contains small parts. We have many more Inno64 models to be featured here soon. Stay tuned!

      Cheers, Rac

  2. The details of this model are mind-blowing. It is so true to life I want to hop in and drive off.

    My very first car was a Honda Civic, but it nowhere near this nice!
    My son collects Hot Wheels but I may have to sneak this one in on him.
    Or maybe nab it for Father’s Day!

    Thanks for the review!
    Gwendolyn J

  3. I am a big fan of toy collectible cars and have a friend that is making a killing selling these to people like me. He has made some money off of me actually! This Inno 64 Honda Civic Type R FD2’s White with Carbon Bonnet and Roof Top Hong Kong Special Model really looks cool and I like that you have dug into the details with this review.

    The images really show me what it looks like with all the details and I have to say that this is a model that I would love to add to my collection! That it is associated with the energy drink ‘Drive’ is so much the better as it adds to the story I can tell other enthusiasts about.

    Are these available globally or just regionally? Most of the buys I make are headed to Germany or Florida, USA. Can the sellers deliver to one of those areas? I would definitely buy one or two if the answer is yes. The other connection to this toy and drink is that at one time, I had my own energy drink.

    This means I can add my own story right along with the story that comes with the Inno 64 Honda Civic Type R FD2 White Carbon Bonnet and Roof model. I likely will also get at least a few cans of the Drive energy drinks (I also collect cans of all the different brands of these).

    • Hi Dave, Inno 64 has a few new releases. U may check out their official facebook page or official site (https://www.inno-models.com/ and https://m.facebook.com/innomodels). The Civic Type R with carbon bonnet and roof is a Hong Kong special model but customised with DRIVE and Toys Madness Enterprise decals. It is a one-off model and not for sale. Hopefully with proper licencing obtained, we can see future Inno 64 models with energy drink liveries such as Red Bull 😊

  4. I love real cars and that love translates in collectibles like this. One of my favorites in real life is Honda Civic Type-R, I have fond memories of the car when I was just a college student joining drag racing at night near our school. Maybe my fascination with Honda cars is what’s fueling me to collect collectibles like these. Honda has changed a lot since those drag racing days in looks and in power, but I still miss that old look of the late 90’s and early 2000’s.

    • Hi, Gomer. Inno 64 has many releases of EF/EG Civic and CD6 Accord versions. All are 1990s models.

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