Inno 64 – Honda Civic Type-R FD2 (Singapore Exclusive)

Inno 64 is a brand of Inno Models which consists of Inno’s productions of 1:64 scale models. Inno Models is relatively new as it was established in 2016.

In comparison to Hot Wheels, their 1:64 scale models are in minute details replication of the real life cars. Due to the details involved for such scale, QC problems are impossibly unavoidable. Those lucky ones will get the 100 percent perfect models.


For Honda Civic Type-R FD2, they have already released the colors listed below on the following dates:

1. Vivid Blue Pearl with Extra Wheels and Carbon Bonnet Decals – April


2. White (#4 Bride – Mugen Power Cup One Make Race 2012) – April 2019

3. Light Blue (Mugen RR – Philippine Special Edition) with Spare Wheels –

    March 2019

4. Yellow with Black Hood and Roof (Singapore Special Edition) – January


5. Red (Mugen RR) – December 2018

6. Blue / Yellow (#95 Tuned by Spoon Sports) – November 2018

7. White with Extra Wheels and Cabon Bonnet and Roof Decals (Mugen RR – 

    Hong Kong Special Edition) – November 2018

8. Matte Gray with Black Bonnet and Roof (AEON Hong Kong Special

    Edition) – November 2018

9. White / Red (Japan One Make Race Prototype 2007) – October 2018

10. White / Red (Merdeka Millennium Endurance 2007) – October 2018

11. White with Black Bonnet and Roof with Extra Wheels – September 2018

12. White (2007) – August 2018

We have picked the Inno 64 Honda Civic Type-R FD2 Singapore Special Edition to share with you here.


Released this year, this Inno 64 is the very first Singapore Exclusive model launched at the Singapore Motorshow back in January 2019. It is packed inside an acrylic cover.


‘Singapore Special Edition’ is printed on the sleeve package.


The bonnet, roof, boot and print of ‘Honda Civic Type-R FD2’ on display base can be viewed from the top of the package box.


The back of the package box is printed with the Type R FD2 model sketch and ‘innomodels’ website address.


Here is the view of the bottom of the package. It is ‘Produced by Innovative Service & Trading Co. Ltd.’ and ‘Made in China’.


This yellow Inno 64 Type R FD2 model comes with 1-set of extra wheels and rims. The model sits on a semi transparent display base.


The original wheels that came with the car are bronze Volk Racing TE37s but we have swapped them with the spare gun metal gray SSR style 10 spoke rims. These wheels can be easily fixed interchangeably.


Behind the SSR style 10 spoke rim is a 5-lug universal bolt pattern. Hiding behind is the red four-pot brake caliper. The 10 spoke gray rims of this Type R FD2 model replicates the ones on the real car.


The carbon bonnet, roof and mid-strip of the Type R Style boot spoiler exudes stark contrast with the bright yellow colored body.


Here is the left and right side view. The windscreens and windows are smoky tinted which still provide some room for the eyes to maneuver its way into the interiors. Fuel lid can be seen on the left side view.


Another view from the front right angle of the model on the display base.


From the top view, the red seats, gray dashboard and steering wheel can be seen. The wipers are visible as well. Side rear view mirrors are in place which is good as these are missing in Hot Wheels.


The boot, Depo Style Type R taillights, Honda Logo, number plate and exhaust mimics 100 percent of the rear of road-going car Type R FD2. Lines of the rear windscreen heater can be seen too.


Type R sticker can be seen on the passenger door.


The carbon fiber bonnet is strikingly shiny here. The eagle eye aftermarket projector headlights added the aggressiveness of the front features. Inno 64 did a great job with the details here including the wipers.


Details of gray dashboard can be seen through the windscreen. The number plate is seen as a piece of plate stuck on the front like the real car.


Over here, the driver side dashboard and steering wheel can be seen. The side rear view mirrors have chrome stickers that mimic the real mirrors. Stickers on the digital display meters in this Type R FD2 model made them look very real.


Another real breathtaking view here! Red Recaro semi bucket racing seats is very obvious from this view. Even the details on the steering wheel is close to the real thing.


A closer view of the carbon fiber roof here.


We have tried to cover every inch of this model as we can.

If the Inno 64 Type R FD2 model is not enough, more fun to do by comparing it to the exterior and interior of the real car below.

Source: Rev

Source: Rev


Hope you have some great fun viewing the Inno 64 Honda Civic Type R FD2.

For Type R FD2 Singaporean collectors out there, this exclusive model is definitely a big catch. For Type R FD2 International collectors, we will be more than happy to collect all the countries’s exclusive edition which only Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore and Phillipines Special Edition were already released by now. We expect more to come!

Please let us know what you think of this Inno 64 Type R FD2 model in the comments below.


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  1. What is striking about this post, Rac, are the detailed pictures of the collectible.  It looks very much like the real thing.  The attention to detail is truly a wonder to behold.  I understand why the likelihood of errors and glitches might be a bit problematic.  Perfection must really be hard to attain.  

    Also, as a collector, there are such a lot of details to check.  But, then, that does seem to be an obsession for folks who collect things….

    Thanks for featuring this.  It was a fun ride!

  2. Hello Rac. This is a very detailed review to come across and read through. I have looked up on my own and never had an issue looking for models that were released after 2010. It’s surprisingly nice to get some recommendations on anything before that. Now I’m also a little bit tempted to get started with trading in and out more of my earlier collections too! haha

    • Hi, Laureen. You are not alone. We have been trading in and out our collections too. Haha. Among the fun things 😄

      Cheers, Rac

  3. What’s up Rac,

    The Toy Collectibles Paradise without a doubt, lives up to its name and I know that if there is a toy car collector of amazing replicas such as the Inno 64- Honda Civic Type-R FD2 (Singapore Exclusive), that if they are on the internet and they are looking for real toy car enthusiasts that give epic reviews, such as you have done with this post, that they are definitely bound to find you!

    there was no detail about this awesome little toy car that you have not missed and provided a very in-depth description of every detail that was worth appreciating and imagine just how much talent, time, and patience it took to build this masterpiece!

    you overdelivered with this post and it rocked!

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge and talent,


    • Thanks, Jose. We love every bit of it and glad you have some good fun here too. Please do come back for more fun 😊

      Cheers, Rac

  4. That look rad Rac!

    So in love with Hot Wheels, I used to collect so many of them when I was young so much so that I have 3 huge boxes filled with them! Looking back, one standard one costs RM4.90 (I live in Malaysia) so just imagine if I have 500 of them, I would have roughly lost rm2,500 of them and that’s just the small hot wheels, don’t get me started on the Monster Trucks! Loving the Singapore Edition Honda Civic, I’ve never gotten that one before 😀

    • Hi, Riaz. Haven’t counted our collections here yet as we just got lost in collecting them. If you keep them well, some of them may be worth a lot now. You’ll be surprised 😉  

      Cheers, Rac

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