Kamen Rider Henshin Belt – DX Gamer Driver

For those who love Kamen Rider TV Series, you may have heard of Kamen Rider Henshin Belts. These Henshin belts are produced by Bandai to replicate the actual belts used in the real Kamen Rider TV Series which makes it feels like real, to be able to reenact like in the movie series.

There are about 55 types of DX Henshin Belts so far. One of them is the DX Gamer Driver Belt. The DX Gamer Driver is a transformation belt for the Ex-Aid Riders.


We are going to share with you here the DX Gamer Driver Belt. It comes with one pink Gashat.


Here is the front view of the box which shows the look of the Belt and Gashat and Kamen Rider Ex-Aid picture behind the Belt.


The back view of the box shows the various functions of the Belt, how to install the Belt and where to insert the Gashats.


Top view of the box.


Side views of the box.


Bottom view of the box.


Here is how the DX Gamer Driver Belt look with Gashats inserted into the DX Gamer Driver belt. Notice that we have added the Kimewaza Slot Holder to hold more Gashats. Looks cool and colorful, huh?


Upclose view of more Gashats inserted into the Kimewaza Slot Holder. The additional Gashats and Kimewaza Slot Holder are sold separately from the DX Gamer Driver Belt which came with only one pink Gashat.


The Kimewaza Slot Holder can be easily mounted and dismounted from the Belt.


Here are the Kimewaza Slot Holder and Gashats taken apart. They are being sold separately from the DX Gamer Driver Set.


There are two different types Gashats. One of them has sound only while another has sound and lights when the buttons are pressed or activated when inserted into the DX Gamer Driver. Look at the difference behind the two Gashats. One of them requires only two (2) LR44 / AG13 batteries while the other requires three (3) LR44 / AG13 batteries.


From this angle, you can see that we have dislodged one side of the belt easily with just a click of a button. It can be done with the other side as well. The size of the belt can be adjusted with the buckle behind it.


This is how it looks like when the straps of the Belt are fastened together with the buckle behind which is adjustable according to the waist size.


For demo with sounds and lights, you can view the video of Kamen Rider DX Gamer Driver – Play with Gashats here


Hope you have a fun time here. Please leave us a comment below what you think about this Kamen Rider Henshin Belt of the DX Gamer Driver.


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  1. Wow what a neat idea. This will make a wonderful gift for my nephew who love playing Karen Rider. It’s great to have all your tools within easy reach and I think the use of this belt will greatly enhance his game. 

    Do you know what the front part is made of. I just want to make sure it is sturdy and the belt won’t break easily especially with the tools going in and out of the pockets all the time. 

    • Hi, Michel. The front part is made of sturdy plastic material. The bendable belt is also sturdy, capable of handling the weight of the tools. Overall, it is made of very good plastic material. 

      Cheers, Rac

  2. Hi,

    Thank you for this post which gave me a very first experience with a gaming belt.I have a 7 years old son and he likes to play with toys like this.He always try to be a hero with superpowers. if he gets this kind of a toy ,he will surprise. Actually you gave lot of information about this halt and uploaded a vedio on it.It’s a good chance to the other viewers who don’t know this.So Thus is a best review for this toy.Good luck

    • Hi, Jayakodi. My son loves to play superhero with superpowers as well. This belt is one of his favourites in playing out the superhero characters!

      Cheers, Rac

  3. Dear Rac,

    Thanks a lot for the informative article and I got great insights. I was doing some search online on DX Gamer Driver Belt and found your helpful post.

    I am amazed to know there are 55 types of DX Henshin Belts. I always enjoy the pictures you share on your posts and it’s true, a picture is worth a thousand words. You convey a lot of information through the images you share.

    I really enjoyed the short video you embedded on your post and its very helpful. DX Gamer Driver Belt is on the list.

    Much Success!


    • Thanks, Paul. Please feel free to browse our other collections as well 😊

      Cheers, Rac

  4. Hi, Rac.
    Thanks for sharing the review on Kamen Rider Henshin Belt – DX Gamer Driver.
    It was so fun to watch the videos as a kid and your article raised the little me out of box.
    The thought of many Gashats inserted into the kimewaza slot holder made me excited.
    I would love to purchase Kamen Rider on Chrismas for my kids.
    Warm Regards,
    Gaurav Gaur

    • Thanks, Gaurav. If your kids do watch Kamen Riders series, they will have more fun acting out like how the character does with the belt in the series ☺️

      Cheers, Rac

  5. I think this DX Gamer Driver Belt is awesome,I watched once tokusatsu television programs and films, created by manga artist Shotaro Ishinomori. It was very interesting and it makes me being able to recall my past fantastic memories. Al though I only watched this series once, and then forgot about it,but decided to buy this Kamen Rider Henshin Belt. Therefore I was redirected to this helpful post. It is very well-explained. I would like to purchase it soon.

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