Lego Light Bricks – Light Stax Honda Showroom

Have you ever wanted to build up your creation with Lego bricks and light them up? Here is one of the building blocks you may like to have, Light Stax. It is not Lego but it functions like Lego Light Bricks. Hence, we easily call them the ‘Lego Light Bricks’. We have tried our new creation of Honda Showroom here using all the blocks in our Light Stax Creative 4 in 1 Set.


Here is the front cover of the box. It describes the content of the box which includes 50 blocks of STAX with LED lights and a rechargeable battery brick. We definitely agree it is 100% creative fun. It is also tried and tested that is it 100% compatible with LEGO and and LEGO-like bricks. All these bricks can be mixed and matched which adds up the fun.


The sides of the box shows the detailed contents of the box which includes the bricks, rechargeable battery brick and USB cable.


Here is the other sides of the box. As fun as it sounds, the box says “Light up your play!”.


The contents are now arranged nicely out of the box. Another content you can see above but not listed on the side cover is the Light Stax Separator for ease of separating the blocks when it gets difficult to separate the blocks after putting them together.


Here, you can see the black rechargeable battery brick and the USB port for plugging in the USB cable. Beside the USB port, you can see a small hole which is the Sound Activator. You can light up the blocks according to the sounds around such as clapping, singing, shouting etc. For the building blocks to light up, the blocks need to be connected to the rechargeable battery brick (Power Stax). Beside the Sound Activator is the Button to press to light up the blocks. GREEN light on the Power Stax button means all Light Stax blocks connected to Power Stax stay on, whereas BLUE light turns them to flashing mode, RED light turns to fading mode and YELLOW light is the mode where lights are up with Sound Activator picking up sounds. At the back of the building blocks, you can see the design is made such that it lights up the blocks when these electronic components are connected to the Power Stax and linked to other Light Stax building blocks as well.


There is an instruction manual which can be easily followed.


Here is our new creation of Honda showroom using the Light Stax.


Another one with the FK2 presenting the right side view.


Finally, we have also created a video to share with you the Honda showroom with different modes of lights:


We have tried displaying this showroom with the Power Stax lighted on for about 30 minutes. The battery may last longer or shorter.


It is definitely great fun!


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  1. Thanks for showing off the lights in the Bricks, along with how those connect to a power source. This combines 3 of the best things for hobby lovers such as myself. Legos, Cars, Light up Show! I see the sound capabilities as well. Thanks for bringing to light some of the best brands on these markets.

  2. I felt my inner child come to life when i read your article. I love Lego even today I still like to create stuff Lego. I find it really awesome that the Light stax Actually lights up. This is like the best of two worlds coming together as one.

    How long is the battery life on the light stacks before it needs a recharge?
    I really enjoyed your article and the videos. Looking forward to see more of your creativity in the future.


    • Thanks for visiting our site, Theresa. We love seeing the lights up on Light Stax as well. The battery lasted about 30 minutes before recharge.

      Cheers, Rac

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