LEGO Technic Review (42074 Racing Yacht)

The LEGO Technic Racing Yacht (42074) was released in 2018. It sports a bright colorful maritime color scheme of yellow and blue added with a touch of red and black print on the vinyl sails. This authentic replica of a real-life racing yacht and catamaran 2-in-1 LEGO set is suitable for boys and girls of ages 8 to 14. It is can also be a fun play set, collection or display for adults young at heart.


The size of the racing yacht is over 11 inch (29cm) high, 14 inch (36cm) long and 3 inch (8cm) wide while the Catamaran is over 10 inch (27cm) high, 12 inch (31cm) long and 4 inch (11cm) wide.


Be aware that this LEGO built up racing yacht or catamaran does not float on water!


Are you ready to run through this LEGO Technic set? Let’s go….


The front box shows the LEGO Technic Racing Yacht racing across the waters. In real life, it does not float on water so is definitely not racing across the waters 😉 Though, it helps to pump up our own imagination a bit.


Here is an overview of the back of the box.


As we zoom in closer, the description of the main features of this set can be seen. There are beautiful and attractive printed sails. In addition to that, there are many stickers to stick on and add liveliness to this model. The integrated wheels supports and helps the Racing Yacht to move on ground.


There are also sail handling mechanism and rudder steering function.


This 2-in-1 set LEGO Technic Racing Yacht can also be rebuilt into a cruising Catamaran. The cruising Catamaran has integrated wheels similar to the Racing Yacht .


On top of sail handling mechanism, the Catamaran has double steering function.


Here are the four side views of the package box.


In the package box, there are two booklets which provide instructions to build the Racing Yacht and Catamaran.


As shown in the booklet, the Racing Yacht’s wheel can be turned while the tiller can be moved to operate the rudder. Wind either one of the two winches to move the sails.


For the Catamaran, the booklet shows how the sail handling mechanism can be pivoted or turned. The double steering action doubles the fun.


This LEGO Technic Racing Yacht (42074) package consists of a total 330 pieces of bricks to build the model.


We had fun building up the LEGO Technic Racing Yacht especially when the colors clearly brighten up our space and day.


The inside sailing mechanism is all built up and ready to get into action!


Here is the right side view with the back of the sail which looks like a duplicate of the left side view shown above.


A closer look of the wheels. There are four!


A close up view shows two small wheels and two big wheels which cause the tilting of the Racing Yacht.


Finally, here is the bottom view.


We are not rebuilding this LEGO Technic Racing Yacht into a Catamaran yet as we still love this piece very much.


Before we go, here is a video showing some actions from our LEGO Technic Racing Yacht Quick Review:


Hope you have a whole load of fun time with this review as much as we do.


Let’s set sail now!


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  1. Thank you very much for this review, I like your website,easy to navigate through and the graphics. Your review of the LEGO Technic Racing Yacht (42074) is great  the pictures you posted are topnotch .i will show this to my kids cousins. I know pretty much they are going to be thrilled with the video. 

  2. Wow, I didn’t know you guys had here a racing yacht too. I don’t know if it’s be easy for me to be able to put this together but it’s really cool this one and I must say that Lego did a great one making it. Seeing the yacht in action brings great pleasure too honestly. Overall, it’s a good one and I really admire the yacht more when it’s close up.

    • Henderson, it’s even amazing when you got to put it together and see it for yourself. 

      Cheers, Rac

  3. Nice review on the leggo Technic racing yatch. I must say that I am really impressed with this beauty and I love the colours around it. I will definitely collect this one. Seeing that I will have to build it from scratch myself is good as I’ll be a somewhat an adventure. Thank you for sharing this awesome review. I’ll grab this one

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