Life Size Lego Creation – Mr. Clown

Recently, I went to a toy store while on vacation. They have a variety of toys and collectable items that I was interested to explore.


As I found my way around, I stopped at this section where they have a whole load of Hot Wheels over here including books and many other types of childrens’ toys.


Over this area, they have Tomica, Tamiya and various other toys and books as well.


In the display cabinet which is for sale, there are various figures for anime collectors. Behind this cabinet, there is a wide range of aeroplanes for plane collectors. There are other sections as well but I stopped short here.


This life size lego creation caught my eyes. It is Mr. Clown. The tag says “For Sale (Negotiable)”.


Here is the side view. If we take a closer look, it looks a little faded. It must have been built for so many years. Some of the blocks are chipped a little.


I was wondering who built this life size Mr. Clown out of legos and why he built it. It will be a nice collectable item. When I left, I thought that it would have been nice if I had remembered to ask the salesperson in the shop more about this Lego clown.

Out of curiousity, I have searched other life size Lego creations from other parts of the world that are cool and thought to add them below for sharing.

Enjoy and have a nice day!


Source: My Modern Met

Conan O’ Brien looks pretty cool in Lego vibrant colors built by world-renowned LEGO artist Nathan Sawaya.


Source: Geekologie

Nick Wilde Zootopia Lego had a cool pose with its builder Zhao (pictured) for a mall in Ningbo, China. Sadly, it was destroyed less than an hour after going on display. Very fragile!


Source: Randommization

This Lego Superman was looking good at the San Diego Comic -con!


Source: Mental Floss

Queen singer, Freddie Mercury, Lego-built in its glorious singing pose by Iain Heath (Ochre Jelly).


Source: 680 News

How cool is it to sit or nap beside a Lego-built human figure displayed at a shopping mall in Beijing? Apparently, it did not win the hearts of Lego Company who won a major legal victory in China over a copyright case.


Of all the pictures above, which life size lego creation do you like best? Honestly, I love all of them. If I have to pick, my favorite for now is probably Mr. Clown as I have seen it up-close and personal. It is a real classic!

Can you imagine having one of your very own life size lego creation at home? It will be super cool like a Wax museum at home but it is Lego museum at home, looking at yourself in Lego-like everyday 🙂

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