Maisto Diecast – Ford Transit Connect Taxi

We have earlier posted an article on Hot Wheels 2018 Ford Transit Connect. If you have missed it, you can still find it here: Hot Wheels 2018 Ford Transit Connect.

At the same time, we thought why not share our collection of Maisto Ford Transit Connect Taxi too as we find it a very interesting and rare collectible diecast from Maisto. So, here we go.

The Maisto Ford Transit Connect Taxi was in Maisto’s 2015 Catalog. It is the mini replica of the real, on-the-road taxi in Hong Kong, except for the wheels. It would be perfect if the wheels’ design is a duplicate of the real taxi.



Up till today, Maisto seems to be the only manufacturer producing mini version of Hong Kong’s Ford Transit Connect Taxi. Maisto had released the mini model in the same year when Ford launched the taxi model in February 2015 as it made its first entrance into Hong Kong’s taxi market.



The windows of the Maisto Ford Transit Connect Taxi are made of plastic and heavily tinted. The interiors cannot be seen at all. Perhaps for privacy purpose? 😉


Here’s the rear view.


And then the front view with tampo silver headlights and “Ford” emblem.


Front quarter left view.


Front quarter right view.


Rear quarter right view.


Rear quarter left view.


View from the top.


Bottom view is very simple and it is “Made in China”.


This diecast may be a favorite among Hong Kong collectors or taxi collectors. Although we don’t fall into any of these categories, this collection is still one of our favorites.


We would love to hear from you if you are one of them 🙂


Video of Unpack Maisto Fresh Metal Ford Transit Connect Taxi (00980):

Source: myToyS TV


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