Matchbox Diecast Cars – Aston Martin DBS Volante

Matchbox diecast cars has been very popular with its many good quality mini real road going cars. One of the beautiful Matchbox diecast cars is the Aston Martin DBS Volante. It is a 1:64 scale version with number MB823.

The Matchbox Aston Martin DBS Volante which we will share with you here in great detail is the silver color version. It was released in 2012 under the MBX City Works Series 3/10.

The headlights are detailed resembling two flattering eyes. The grille on the other hand resembles the nose. Splitters can be seen below similar to the real life version.


Through the clear windscreen, the red interiors can be seen with great detail such as the dashboard, steering wheel, seats and gearshift. The red interiors are made of plastic. Rear-view mirror imprints lined the top of the clear windscreen. Two side view mirrors are joined to the clear windscreen and they are made of clear plastic as well. They look like sparkling crystals under the beaming sunlight.

The bonnet has tampo Aston Martin logo but the details are not clearly visible. Air vents makes an obvious appearance in the middle of the long bonnet.


The side views show the strips of louvred front fenders right before the front door. Wheels are similar to road going version.


Front quarter views from left and right angles.


Rear quarter views from left and right angles.


Rear view shows no detailed taillights. “DBS” tampo mimics the number plate. Visible here are rear diffusers. The sunlight’s beam on the car exudes its beauty with a glimmer of posh elegance.


A closer view into the interior from the rear shows the console area. It looks like there is insufficient room for the back seats.


The base is made of plastic in black color. It is “Made in Thailand”.


After going through the details of this collectible, the Matchbox Aston Martin DBS Volante is now going for a ride at the beach. Ahhh, what a blissful day …..


Get amazed with the beauty of the real car here in the video of DBS Volante walkaround with Aston Martin Director of Design Marek Reichman:


This year, there is a new 2019 Aston Martin DBS Superleggera Volante out there. Will Matchbox add this car into its collectable mini diecast cars collection? We will just have to wait and see 😉


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  1. Hello Rac,

    I have become influenced by your love for this small collectibles, and my son won’t let me hear the last of it if I don’t get him another one soon.

    I like the Aston Martin dbs volante, it’s design is really sleek, and this toy would be a nice playmate for any kid, or I could keep it on my private shelf, where I keep my collectibles. 

    I love the picture with the beach background, absolutely artistic!

  2. Good day, Rac and “Thanks for the memories”. 

    Your post has brought back memories of my childhood and regrets that I didn’t hang on to my diecast and other metal toys that I had as a child.  Had I done so, I probably could have retired quite comfortably today.

    OH, if we had only known then what we know now.

    It’s not just about the cars, I had a Lionel Train set back in those days as well and one of my favourite toys in my early teens was a Rocket Radio.  It had a single earphone and drew enough power from the energy in the air when you connected the wires to a bedspring. 

    “Those were the days my friend” and a lot of us totally missed the forethought to take care and preserve those amazing toys we had in the fifties and early sixties.

    I reiterate, if only we had known then what we know now.

    Saddened but nice to remember,


    • Awww, Wayne. Your Lionel Train and Rocket Radio would truly be a gem of collectable items by now. Some sweet memories 😊

      Cheers, Rac

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