Matchbox Honda Ridgeline

For Honda fans, this time we are covering the Matchbox Honda Ridgeline. To date, Honda produced only two types of trucks which are the Honda Ridgeline and Honda Acty mini-truck. Honda Ridgeline is the lifestyle pickup which is built by Honda America only. Honda Acty is a Japanese mini truck made purely for Japan domestic market.

Matchbox has so far released 19 versions of the Honda Ridgeline (2007) in 1/69 scale including 2 MB1071 (Modified Models).

We will share with you here the Matchbox Honda Ridgeline from the 5-Pack River Adventures series released in 2017.

The exterior of this Matchbox diecast model is pearl white. Its front features is pretty plain with untampo Honda emblem and headlights except for lines of the casting with two side mirrors to resemble front features of the real car. A rear view mirror is visible on the windscreen.


Windows and windscreens are clear but it looks tinted over here due to the gray interior.


Over here, the clear windows can be seen right through. This Matchbox Honda Ridgeline is brightened up with livelier tampo of Tiki River Cruises.


Front quarter view from right angle.


Rear quarter view from right angle.


The rear of the Matchbox Honda Ridgeline does not have any detailed rear lights as well.


Let’s take a peek into the bed / cargo space area. A big tow hook can be seen here, all set for towing boats 😉


Looks like some cargo with stuffs for Tiki River Cruises probably.


The base is black plastic and is ‘Made in Thailand’.


Time for a fun tour with Tiki River Cruises now. See you around!


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  1. And here goes another collection to my kid’s toy collections. My son is addicted to gadgets especially cars. I have gotten a could for him already to play with but I realised none of them is a trunk yet so I decided to buy one of such for him and I must say, this Matchbox Honda Ridgeline is spot on. The sleekness of the design and the perfect structure makes it a befitting object to the eyes and surely, my son would love this a lot. Thanks 

    • Hi, RoDarrick. This will be a nice add-on for your kid. There are so many varieties out there that we can’t get enough of. So much more to come 😉

      Cheers, Rac

  2. Hi

    Great article about matchbox Honda ridgeline. By reading your article I just come to know that they released in the new version of this toy. I am so glad to hear this. My little one loves a toy car. Whatever new released come he needs first. And this month going to be his birthday, so I was looking at what gift could I buy for him. And now found this Honda ridgeline will be great. Thanks for your article to help me to choose this Honda ridgeline matchbox. You describe everything very well in this article. And I love the images part as well-how you brought every angle photo that reader can see as well with reading the description, and this sea helps us to choose this version. I will be glad to tell you I am going with it.

    • Thanks, Nazmun. Our best birthday wishes to your little one. Hope he will have lots of fun with it 😊

      Cheers, Rac

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