McDonald’s Happy Meal 2017 TOMICA Collectible Toy Cars

I know this year is 2018 but I would like to share my McDonald’s Happy Meal 2017 TOMICA toy car collections. McDonald’s Malaysia had exclusively offered TOMICA Race Cars as part of its Happy Meal toys from 5th October – 1 November last year, 2017. It was crazy with long queues and to think of buying the meal just to get the toy car 😉 Some of the McD outlets were sold out by midnight or within 24 hours as soon as it was released nationwide by the dates already set out.

Although these toy cars are made of plastic, people are still crazy for them. I am also part of the craze. I was happy we managed to have them as part of our collections anyway. My son was over the moon when we managed to get each of them.


McDonald’s Release of 2017 TOMICA as part of Happy Meal


McDonald’s 2017 Happy Meal TOMICA Details


Display of Complete Set of Happy Meal 2017 TOMICA Collections

Above picture shows the complete set of Happy Meal 2017 TOMICA Collections with their boxes. It came with stickers for us to stick some of the car parts ourselves such as the rims, rear lights, car decos etc.


Lotus Exige R-GT with Opened Boot

The boot of the Lotus Exige R-GT can be opened by flipping up the rear spoiler. The opened boot reveals the engine and spare tyre of the car.


Nissan GT-R with Opened Bonnet

The roof of the Nissan GT-R can be pressed and the bonnet of the car pops open, revealing the engine.


Toyota 86 with Lights On

The front lights of the Toyota 86 can be turned on by flipping the switch at the bottom of the car. Cool huh?


Mazda Roadster with Retractable Hardtop Taken Off

The hardtop of Mazda Roadster can be taken off. Then it turns into an open-top sports car! This plastic toy car replicates the diecast already released by TOMICA.


McDonald’s Happy Meal 2017 TOMICA Another Collectible Item

Although these TOMICA toy cars are made of plastic and not diecast, I would say yes to this as another collectible item. This is due to limited edition from TOMICA which was only released by McDonald’s and can’t be bought anywhere else at any other time other than the release date. Another plus carried by each toy car is the special features on the boot, bonnet, front lights and hood.

I do wonder what is in store from McDonald’s Happy Meal 2018 if there will be another collectible toy cars limited edition. Guess we shall wait and see!


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  1. I had o idea they made this car collection. It’s so cool that you were able to get all of them and share it with us. The pictures are perfect and look like you took them. Great job on the features of each car. The lotus is my favorite.

    • Hope McDonald’s will release more collectibles this year 😉 I’m looking forward to queue for them again this year.

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