Takara Tomy Tomica Diecast Cars Collectibles – Christmas 2017

On my previous post, I have mentioned value Hot Wheels collectibles for Christmas 2017. Due to the huge amount of attention on the HW ’18 Camaro, I was searching for another wish list this Christmas in case there is no chance to grab hold of the HW ’18 Camaro.

It is the upcoming Takara Tomy Tomica ’17 Camaro ZL1 Diecast Cars Collectibles.

Takara Tomy TOMICA

Takara Tomy diecast cars collectibles is one of my favorites. Reason being its diecast model cars is made of very good quality material with super fine details of the cars, close enough to feel like you own the real car. The best part is that most of its miniature model cars has doors, bonnets or boots which can be opened and closed. It brings our imagination of the cars closer to reality. This is one plus point for Takara Tomy Tomica diecast cars as not many manufacturers incorporate this features for 1/65 scale diecast model cars. Their paint finishing is also very smooth. I must say very good quality paint with the feel like the paint finishing on a real car.

Tomica Chevrolet Camaro No. 40

Chevrolet Camaro No. 40 Regular (Black Color) (Photo from HobbyLinkJapan)

Chevrolet Camaro No. 40 Limited (Red Color) (Photo from HobbyLinkJapan)
The Chevrolet Camaro No. 40 seems to be the 2017 Camaro ZL1. It is a 1/65 scale model car. Based on the photo above, it seems the Tomica features of left and right door opening and closing are being incorporated as it usually does. The release date is expected to be end of this December 2017. So it may be well off after Christmas but it can still be a gift to celebrate the New Year 2018 if it is being released on the eve of New Year.

There are already a few sites that we can pre-order from such as Yesasia, 829Japan, Heetnet and HobbyLinkJapan. The tag price varies from estimated US$7.17 to US$9.99 but I presume it can change from time to time.

The Real 2017 Camaro ZL1

While waiting for the release of the Takara Tomy Tomica ’17 Camaro ZL1 model car, I guess I can admire the real car from afar for now. It is a real hottie red beauty. It would be nice if Takara Tomy Tomica can make the diecast features very close to the one shown in the picture below. The above model picture taken from HobbyLinkJapan does not seem as hot and sporty as the one in the picture below.

Image from http://www.chevrolet.com/camar…

Hot Wheels Vs Takara Tomy Tomica – December 2017

For this December 2017, I cannot deny that Hot Wheels is the winner with its HW ’18 Camaro as a hot value collectibles item. Since I am also a fan of Takara Tomy, the Tomica ’17 Camaro ZL1 will still be in my wish list although I would like to wait for the release just to check if the hot and sporty look is close enough to the real car features shown in above picture. Guess I shall wait and see…..






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