Tomica 2010 Honda CR-Z

Here is a pair of Tomica 2010 CR-Z (Toys”R”Us Edition) from our collection. It was bought few years back.


It comes with a decal kit. I prefer to keep those nice looking decals rather than stick onto the cars.


Here is the front view of the CR-Zs.


Apart from color scheme, both look alike.


The sexy butt really resembles the old popular EF8 CR-X. I like those triangular rear lights.


Here is the bottom view with visible front subframe, rear torsion beam and cat-back exhaust system. “Made in Vietnam”.


Sadly, Honda has discontinued production of the CR-Z due to less than encouraging sales worldwide. Hope the next generation CR-Z will come with more powerful motor in it.


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  1. Matchbox toy cars have a great following all over the globe and are quite the collectors item. They appeal to collectors young and old, and some of the earlier models in pristine condition are very valuable. Do you have an extensive collection? How long have you been interested in toy collectibles? Cheers, Karen

    • Hi Karen, both Matchbox and Hot Wheels are owned by Mattel now and they are releasing more miniature versions of street/race cars in addition to ‘fantasy cars’ to attract both young and old collectors. We do not have an extensive collection of Matchbox compared to Tomica and Hot Wheels but we hope to get more Matchbox JDM street vehicles soon. We started toy collectibles interest since four years ago when we started getting them for our little boy. It grew since then and it is an interest that we share together. Good for bonding time too 🙂

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