Tomica Honda Civic Type R (FD2R)

Back in 2007, Honda Malaysia launched the only sedan in Civic Type R history and it was an instant hit. In fact, Malaysia is the only country outside of Japan where FD2R is officially sold by Honda and it still provides the after sales support.

Not only the real car itself is popularly sought after, even the Tomica FD2R diecast is sought after by worldwide collectors now.


My pristine looking Tomica FD2R on the shelf


Side View


Rear Quarter View


Arrrrrr…..the K20A i-VTEC


The rear end look with Red Honda and Type R emblems


The FD2R was the last NA engined Type R to roll out from production plant in Japan.

I am sure many Honda enthusiasts out there would surely want one in their garage.


Video of Honda Civic Type R – Takara Tomy Tomica Die-cast Car Collection No. 054 – 10 Unboxing:

Source: Tolemigoca


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  1. That Honda Civic is one of the most adorable cars I’ve seen. You have me completely enthralled with toy cars now. I had a friend who had a Civic as their first car. What a cool way to commemorate. I’m wondering if you have my first car: a Pontiac Sunfire?

    • Hi, Jaime. We seemed to have Hot Wheels Pontiac Firebird but not Pontiac Sunfire. It would be nice to have

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