Tomica Honda Civic Type R (FK8, FK2 and FD2R)

Tomica Honda Civic Type R diecasts are definitely a must-have for collectors and Honda enthusiasts.

The road-going ‘Type R’ is the highest performance version of the Civic range made by Honda. The red emblem gives it a special sporting distinction and unique from other Honda models with special tuned engine, upgraded brakes and suspension matched to a tightened and stiffen chassis.


These 1/64 scale model of Tomica Honda Civic Type R series (FK8, FK2 and FD2R) comes with Honda ‘Championship White’ color just like the real cars. From left to right are FK8, FK2 and FD2R.


The FD2R was manufactured in Japan and both the FK2 and FK8 in United Kingdom.


All three have aggressive and sporty front styling with Honda red emblems.


Both the FD2R and FK2 have opening bonnets with engine details but not for the FK8.


This is the side view. All have matte black window sills, side skirts and special dish-type wheels which are exclusively for Tomica sports models.


All three have rear wings with black centerpiece and aggressive rear bumper lower diffusers although not too obvious for the FD2R.


What we like about these models are the red Honda emblems and Type R logos.


Rear quarter view. All Type Rs are totally sporty at every angle.


It will be every Honda enthusiasts’ dreams to own a real Type R in their lifetime.


Video of Tomica Honda Civic Type R comparison!! FK2R VS FK8R! (The Tomica Table):

Source: The Tomica Table


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  1. Me and my husband actually talked about getting one in the future. While we still can’t afford a real one at this time, I believe this would make for a really awesome Christmas present. And I bet he would definitely not expect it. And it would be so fun.

    I’m really in awe that they are able to make such a nice miniature representations of the real thing. I would love to ask though (as I’ve never owned anything similar), are they fragile? Meaning if one falls off a table, would it mean a complete and total destruction for it? Or would it generally be completely fine?

    Either way, thank you for all the insights, I appreciate it!

    Have a Wonderful Day!


    • Hi, Rasa. It will be a wonderful Christmas present for those who love this car with Christmas just around the corner. It is made of metal and should not completely destruct if it falls on a hard floor (without soft landing). The worst thing that could happen are scratches on the die cast. However, there are paints for this type of diecast which you can get in store to touch up and cover the scratches.

      Have a beautiful day to you too!

      Cheers, Rac 

  2. Hi Rac,

    I really love this collection of Honda cars! I used to collect some toy cars as a kid, even thought I’m a girl 🙂 I think that it doesn’t matter if you are a boy or a girl, if you love machines – you just love them and that’s it! I had yellow Audi toy that I used to play with, the most. It had doors that could open and I put one or two small figurines, like the ones from the Kinder Suprise egg. This was a great fun for me. My brother sometimes gathered different cars to race  with them – so I had to join. There were a lot of them, someone had to move them all 😀

    I always remember this days with a smile and gratitude, I think that these toys we had 18 years ago – they were something…

    Btw, I like your site, I will bookmark it.



    • Thanks, Susan. I guess we can safely say playing toy cars doesn’t matter between boys and girls 🙂 I am a girl playing toy cars with my son and collecting them with my husband. It is a common love and fun that we share together. It does create memories. 

      Glad you enjoyed our site. Please do come back for more ☺️

      Cheers, Rac

  3. I used to have many of the kind when I was a kid. Obviously, they probably didn’t go in that much detail, but it was still insanely fun to collect them and trade them with friends. We even had a meetings that were specifically meant for sharing each other’s collections and just experiencing the pure joy that comes with it.

    I really enjoyed the review. The pictures were awesome, Rac! From these, I would love to own a red FK8 one day. Obviously, I might change my mind once I familiarize myself with their specs, but as for the looks – FK8 is a piece of art in my opinion. I really like how it looks.

    Thank you for all the insights, they definitely are appreciated. It was a fun read.

    Cheers and have a Great One!


    • Thanks for sharing your childhood fun memories, Matiss. A memorable experience of a lifetime. For the red FK8, that’s one stunning choice. The gorgeous red would turn heads. I would love to own one too one day 😊 

      Have a wonderful day!

      Cheers, Rac

  4. This is truly a toy collectibles paradise.  It’s like being a kid in a candy store. Both of these cars look great.  I also liked the McDonald’s Tomica toys car.  At one time I was into die cast cars.  I would even buy kits so I can build my own. Over time my hobby drifted away.  This site sure has rejuvenated my interest again.  I’m sure to come back and explore more.

    • Hi, Pardeap. It’s nice to hear your childhood fun. I also like the McDonald’s Tomica toy car. A rare collection with actions by two brands, McDonald’s and Tomica. You’re always welcome to visit us again for more fun 😊

      Cheers, Rac 

  5. This post by The Toy Collectible Paridise was very interesting. The Honda replicas were highly detailed for a diecast collectible. I like how the writer shows pictures of all the cars in every angle to give a perspective collector a good representation of what to expect when they want to buy a FK8 Honda miniature version or the alternative toy cars.

    The video was a bonus that needs to be watched to see even more details between the white Honda version vs the limited Red Honda version. You can see how passionate the writer is about this topic as he covers everything good about these toy collectibles.

    • Thanks, John. We have more posts for other toy collections as well. Please visit us again 😊

      Cheers, Rac

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