Toy Car Storage Case – How about 4 Durable Ideas from the Store?

I have been asked to post an article on toy car storage case for quite some time but I have not done it until now. How about 4 durable ideas from the store? For this article, we are going to share 4 toy car storage case ideas from the store which are made of different materials from sturdy plastic, acrylic to beech hardwood. This will remove headaches for DIY and provide storage solution right from the store. Stay calm and have a breeze 🙂


1. TAKARA TOMY Tomica Parking Case 24

The TAKARA TOMY Tomica Parking Case is one of my favorite for a long time although it is more expensive compared to other display case. The reason I love it is due to the fact it is made of sturdy material, can store, stack and play at the same time. The drawers slide open and close with ease. It can fit 24 Tomicas with a total of 10 Tomicas in each drawer and 4 on the parking lot on top. Hot Wheels, Matchbox or other similar toy cars / diecast can fit in as well. However, the cars in the parking case will be jumbled up if kids carry and shake it or handle it roughly as there are plenty of spaces between the two drawers.


The parking case can be stacked on top of each other. With each stacking as shown in the picture above, there will be 4 Tomicas storage less.


The parking case can be stacked with other different designs of Tomica storage case of similar sizes. The one shown in the picture above is a police car shoot base.


Besides storage, this parking case adds fun for kids or even adults like us whereby the two level car parks can be joined as a bridge with another parking case using a rail which comes with each parking case. The rail can be turned into a ramp as well for the mini cars to go up and down the roof of the car parks.


Price for this TAKARA TOMY Tomica Parking Case at Amazon is from US$42.02**.


2. Hot Wheels Display Case

If you need ot store up to 50 cars, the Hot Wheels Display Case may be right for you. This display case is one of the HW 50th Anniversary celebration products. It is made of durable, sturdy plastic and can store up to 50 cars. To be exact, there are 48 slots for 1:64 scale cars unless the cars are squeezed in between slots up to maximum 50 numbers. In addition, it comes with an exclusive ’83 Chevy Silverado (with soft rubber tires) for collectors.


This display case can be stand-alone or wall-mounted by removing the detachable feet. The crystal clear doors can be swung open and close with ease. Shelves are removable as well for ease of displaying Hot Wheels or other diecasts of taller or bigger sizes.



Hot Wheels logo is imprinted at the back of the Hot Wheels Display Case.



Here is how it looks when it is mounted on the wall. Pretty neat, huh? Notice the hole in the middle of the case for purpose of opening and closing the doors. Dust still can get in but it is minimized nonetheless.


For more details, you can view the video of Hot Wheels Display Case here:


Price for this Hot Wheels Display Case at Amazon is from US$44.33**.


3. Hot Wheels Display Case Wall Cabinet 108 Compartment 1/64 Scale, Clear, UV Protect AHW64-108

For up to 108 cars, then the Hot Wheels Display Case Wall Cabinet 108 Compartment 1/64 scale may interest you.

The dimension of this high quality acrylic display case is 21″ (H) X 32″ (W) X 2″ (D). Each individual Hot Wheels / diecast compartment size is 3.25″ (H) X 1.5″ (W) X 1.75″ (D). The crystal clear doors are hinged and have magnetic closures.

This display case is wall-mounted with readily pre-drilled holes. The mirrored background makes it shine. It is clear, UV Protect indoor graded.

Price for this Hot Wheels Display Case Wall Cabinet 108 Compartment 1/64 scale at Amazon is from US$134.95**.


4. Factory Direct Display Case

For more elegant display, the Factory Direct Display Case could be the one for you. It can fit about 60 numbers of Hot Wheels, Matchbox and any 1:64 scale diecast.

This handcrafted solid furniture from imported Australia beech hardwood is a wall-mounted cabinet rack with UV protection. It has 12 shelves which can fit about 5 cars per shelf. There is an overlip to prevent cars from falling out. Its black felt background makes an elegant contrast to the cars showcased. The crystal clear door is made of plexi-glass. There is a lockable latch to keep the cars secure.

The exterior dimension of the display case is 23.75″ (H) X 17.75″ (W) X 2.75″ (D). The space between the shelves is 1.50″ (H).

Colors available for this product are walnut, black, cherry and oak.

Walnut Color


Black Color


Cherry Color

Oak Color

Price for this Factory Direct Display Case at Amazon is from US$66.99**.


Hope the above 4 toy car storage ideas from the store provides some guidance to your storage solutions at home. There are more storage ideas which I hope to share in coming articles. Stay tuned for more ideas!



Note: ** Prices shown are for comparison purposes and correct on the date this article was posted.


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  1. I wish I had these display cases as a kid. When I received these as a gift when I was young, they would come in a large polystyrene box that I would keep as each vehicle had a slot that the manufacturer sent the vehicle in. Unfortunately over time the box did start to look a little battered but the cars stays protected. 

    There is so much cooler stuff available now than when I was young, makes one almost want the time again.

    • Richard, good that the cars stay protected. The box did serve its purpose after all. Now, new stuffs keep coming up with more improvements. Catching up with the times 😉

      Cheers, Rac

  2. I didn’t know those cases existed until I read your article. This is a really good way to encourage kids to organize their cars, after they finish playing with them. Also, if you have a collection of cars, you can put on a shelf and get a great looking of them when you have visitors. 

    I don’t know if you have any suggestions of cases for cars that are still on their original pack ?

    I was a really good article, not a lot of people write about this. 

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