Ultraman Belial – Bandai Ultra Monster with a Vengeance

Last week, we have posted Bandai Ultraman Ultra Hero Series No. 38 – Ultraman Mirror Knight. If you have missed it, you can still find it here: Ultraman Mirror Knight – Bandai Ultra Hero of Mirrors.


Ultraman Mirror Knight is the good ultraman. Today, we have his enemy which is Ultraman Belial. Ultraman Belial is Bandai Ultra Monster 500 Series No. 43. This Bandai Ultraman Belial is made of PVC material. Its height is approximately 14cm (~ 5.5 inches).


More information about Ultraman Belial can be found here: Ultraman Wiki.


The Ultraman Belial figure is pinned together with its tag.


Here, the tag is cut away from the ultra monster figure.


Showing his unfriendly, monstrous front.


Back of the Belial figure.


His waist can twist 360 degrees. Twist to the right and here you can see clearly his palms with sharp claws …


Hunched figure from the side view.


Arms swing to the back.


Arms swing to the front. Both arms can rotate 360 degrees.


Beneath its feet, there is an imprint which shows that it was made in China in 2013. The item code number is 2201563.


The figure specifications is written all over this tag.


Hope you have enjoyed the details of this Ultraman Belial figure ????


Do you have any favorite Ultra Hero figure you wish to share with us? We would love to hear from you.

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