Ultraman Heroes – Power Eggs!

Over the weekend, we went shopping for a kid’s party and look what we have found … Ultraman Heroes Power Eggs! I put in all the colors of the eggs available into the grocery basket as I was thinking of them as part of the kid’s party gift pack we are planning to have. As I was standing nearby, I noticed most kids who passed by grabbed one or asked their parents for one. It must have been the color or something attractive about it that attracted the kids. There were other variety of surprise eggs beside these Ultraman Heroes Power Eggs but they still chose this particular one.


I couldn’t resist by then to put back the power eggs I took earlier into the box and rearranged them for a snapshot. It was almost sold off. Below are the front, side and back views of the display box. The box stated that there are 2 new mini ultraman heroes and 10 mini monsters inside these eggs at random. At the back of the box, it is mentioned that there are filled milk candies inside.


We picked three Ultraman Heroes Power Eggs to open. One blue, one purple and one green.


 The power eggs snuggle close together now.


The power eggs can stand very well without toppling over each other.


Here is the back of the power eggs.


The wrapper is taken off the power eggs. The power eggs are opened. Some surprise pops out now, waiting to be revealed.


Here are the opened eggs. Two filled milk candies in each egg with its surprise toys. In the center of the bottom half of the egg, there is a rattler inside. Whenever it is shaken, the rattler makes sound.


The surprise toys’s wrappers are opened. There is an instruction note for each toys to be assembled. No. 7, No. 9 and No. 23. If you have noticed, the purple egg’s instruction note is upside down. Ooops! It is not a No. 9 but a No. 6 actually.


Now, the toy assembly instruction notes are arranged in proper and not upside down. No. 7, No. 6 and No. 23. The toys are assembled according to the instruction notes and 3 mini monsters are revealed. We did not get the mini ultraman heroes. No. 7 is Bemstar, No. 6 is Reigubas and No. 23 is Red King.


The assembled mini monsters are back in their power eggs.


Here is an upclose view of No. 6 ‘Reigubas’ toy assembly instruction note.


Left side view of Reigubas.


Front view of Reigubas.


Right side view of Reigubas.


Rear view of Reigubas.


Here is an upclose view of No. 7 ‘Bemstar’ toy assembly instruction note.


Left side view of Bemstar.


Front view of Bemstar.


Right side view of Bemstar.


Rear view of Bemstar.


Here is an upclose view of No. 23 ‘Red King’ toy assembly instruction note.


Left side view of Red King.


Front view of Red King.


Right side view of Red King.


Finally, a group photo of the 3 mini monsters together… Bemstar, Red King and Reigubas. Have fun 🙂


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