Value Hot Wheels Collectibles – Christmas 2017


I have been thinking what is the value Hot Wheels collectibles that I can get this Christmas 2017. I started searching and waalaa…found it. Here it is, drum rolling……. unveiling the upcoming special edition ’18 Camaro. I will be over the moon if I can get it but I can see that there are already many excited eyes on it. You will have a good idea of what I mean when you just see the number of comments on this car model on the Hot Wheels Facebook page as well. There were already more than 39K views as well. The ’18 Camaro had its debut at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas recently. Camaro was one of the first of Hot Wheels original Sweet Sixteen cars launched in 1968.

Why HW ’18 Camaro?

So, why is ’18 Camaro my pick as value hot wheels collectibles this Christmas? The highlight is definitely the release of Hot Wheels 50th Anniversary Special Edition die-cast car this year which is ’18 Camaro. Chevrolet will put on sale the same ’18 Camaro but a real-life full-size on the road car next year. It marks the 50 years celebration of Chevrolet and Hot Wheels working together to create miniature sized vehicles which anyone can own, play and admire in their mind like real life vehicles. It turns any childhood dreams and fantasies into reality, bringing out the kid in any adults. Plus, the timing is just right that it is coming out this Christmas 2017.

HW ’18 Camaro Beautiful Features

I like the paint color which is ‘Crush’, a shiny refreshing orange. The sporty look is enhanced by its sleek black centre drag strip, sculpted windscreen, dashing headlights, protruding exhausts and the black tinted tail lights. What adds meaning of Hot Wheels to the ’18 Camaro is the centre drag strip which reflects the known track design of Hot Wheels. And not to forget is definitely the classy, elegant rims. How close is the beautiful features on the Hot Wheels toy car to the real car is yet to be seen.

There is a nice video of the ’18 Camaro on the Hot Wheels Facebook Page: https://web.facebook.com/hotwh…. . Feel free to enjoy the video and the beautiful features of the racey beauty.

Own Real or Die-cast HW ’18 Camaro

The real car will be sold in January next year as a $4,995 option for the new Camaro’s 2LT and 2SS trim levels. 2018 COPO Camaro with drag strip will also be available which is a limited edition model (only 69 numbers produced!).

For those who cannot afford the real car, there is always a way to own it…the miniature version of the ’18 Camaro by Hot Wheels. It is expected to be released in December this year. There was a signed ’18 Camaro SS Hot Wheels diecast car to be won at SEMA show and the contest ended 1st November 2017. Alas, it is for U.S. only! Sob sob….I wonder who is the lucky winner of the prized toy version.

For those who were not able to be at the SEMA show 2017, you can watch the video of Chevrolet Performance here: https://youtu.be/YzTJU3L2uEg

The exact release date of the toy car version is not known publicly but can be asked through Customer Service here: https://service.mattel.com/us/intl.aspx# I have already emailed to them and waiting patiently for their response.

As many HW collectors are waiting in anticipation for the HW ’18 Camaro, I would like to share a funny comic cartoon below for your leisurely entertainment. It is in Malay language. For those who are not able to read or understand this language, this story is about how excited a toy collector (blue shirt guy) is to score and get his prized toy at the toy shop. In the second picture, he asked the shop assistant (green shirt guy) how many new box cases have arrived. He thought he was earlier than the others. The shop assistants said he is checking (in the third picture). To his dismay, he didn’t manage to get it (this happens in the fourth picture). Guess what happens in the last picture. The toy collector found out at the back door that the shop assistants were keeping them and ready to put them on Facebook for sale at a higher price. They know the value! So if any of you have been wondering why you cannot get your valued toy car no matter how early bird you are at the toy store, you may want to check the back door just to be really sure….. 😉


Note: From the picture, you can see that there is no reference of the box cases to toy car but if you are a toy car collector, you may be able to relate to it. The cartoonist has put it in very subtly and very well said.

 Best Christmas Present for 2017

If Santa can read this in the North Pole, I would like to say I have been extremely good this year and hope to add this to my Wish List.

My HW Collection Clockwise from Top Left: 2017 Camaro ZL1, 2016 Camaro SS (Silver), Camaro Convertible Concept, ’10 Pro Stock Camaro (Red), ’10 Pro Stock Camaro (Purple), ’13 COPO Camaro (Orange), ’13 COPO Camaro (Blue), 2016 Camaro SS (White), Camaro Z26


If Santa can see from the above picture of my HW Camaro collection, the ’18 Camaro will definitely be a beautiful piece of addition to my current HW Camaro collection.

And of course, having a Full Version and Toy Version of the ’18 Camaro at the same time will be a dream come true.

One as a proud owner of the real deal on the road and one value hot wheels collectibles to admire on the small table of my cosy bedroom when I am not on the road. Ahhhh….what a bliss.

Wakey wakey….Back to reality….Hmmm….Can’t be too greedy either…Guess I will just reserve my dream back to Hot Wheels toy car for now and hopefully one day the real car…..


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  1. My son would be happy to see that car in his stocking on Christmas! I would love to have the real version! You have a nice collection there. I have always been told to leave collectibles in their original packaging because it will make them be worth more money. Should the new shiny ’18 Camaro be kept in it’s packaging?

    • Yes, the new ’18 Camaro or any valuable collectibles should be kept in its packaging as it is worth more money. Most of mine is opened as I can’t resist to touch, feel and play them with my son 🙂 We enjoyed playing it together. It is nice to see the rims while it is moving and to see the doors opened and closed. I still have some collectibles kept in packaging.

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